The African Job Factory

An initiative that fosters entrepreneurship in rural areas in sub-Saharan Africa. We help them overcome the daily struggles linked to being an entrepreneur.


Finding or developing the technology to power their business activity.

Simple business plans

Calculating the potential of a precise market and estimating all its related costs.

Being innovative

Co-developing unique products and services for local markets.


Setting up accounting tools to track revenues and expenses.


Providing our entrepreneurs with access to key partners.

Sharing experience

Learning from our entrepreneurs and sharing experiences across countries.


With SunnyStartup, 100% of the money you donate goes to our entrepreneurs and their ideas. Your money is not spent on administration costs (e.g. salaries) outside of sub-Saharan Africa.


Solar kit distribution in Mali

Yeleen Djiguima, Martin Dembélé’s business, is an innovative solar kit distribution and leasing model. It allows him to reach people in remote areas thanks to associations and networks. He establishes strong relationships with these groups, serving their best interests to ensure sustainable and affordable access to electricity. Martin works with farmer cooperatives, village associations, women’s networks, youth associations and more.


Solar kit distribution in Cameroon

Freddy Awono’s business provides innovative solar kit distribution and leasing models that allow cocoa farmers from rural areas (central Cameroon) to light up their homes and charge their phones.


Medicinal herbal teas in Cameroon

Benjamin Camparoé is a traditional medicinal herb specialist who produces organic and therapeutic herbal teas at the Jean-Félicien Gacha Foundation (western Cameroon). He aspires to teach herbal properties and applications to the local community.


SunnyStartup, an initiative of the Antenna Foundation, is dedicated to supporting young entrepreneurs from sub-Saharan Africa.

Founded in 1989, Antenna is a Swiss foundation committed to scientific research into technological, health and economic solutions to meet the basic needs of marginalised populations in developing countries.

We ensure the autonomy of local populations through social entrepreneurship.

How we scout for Sunnypreneurs

New businesses with potential

Our experience in Africa leads us to meet really interesting and truly inspiring people. We want to support them.

Our partners

Antenna Foundation has developed a large network in its 30 years of operation. Our partners also have great innovations that we think are worth supporting and sharing.

Antenna Foundation projects

SunnyStartup is a way to make successful projects thrive with Antenna’s support.

Long-term vision

SunnyStartup supports entrepreneurs from the very beginning to achieve scalable businesses.

By following the entrepreneurs along their journey to success, SunnyStartup strives to build long-term relationships between each member of the community. All SunnyStartup programme funds are reinvested in the community.


Joël Jeanloz

Program Manager

Manon Renfer

Project Coordinator

Olivier Starkenmann

Project Manager

Colas Mauloubier

Field Program Manager

Dominik Peterer

Field Program Manager

“BiObala” Label

A label of quality for food made in Cameroon 

"BiObala" Chicken

Free range farming

Robust chicken breed

Solar powered incubation and heating

No antibiotics

"Indomptable" Fruit Juices

100% natural fruit juices

No sugar added

Certified processes and facilities

Veggie Basket

AgroEcological farming

Natural fertilizers and pesticides

Soil quality and biodiversity protected


They believe in us and the Sunnypreneurs.

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Please note that we are not looking for new entrepreneurs.

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